Sitronics founds a nanotechnology company

August 20, 2007, Fri 4:16 PM  Business  Integration

Sitronics has founded the Sitronincs Nanotechnology Company. The given enterprise is part of the Sitronics Microelectronic Solutions business line and is to be engaged in semi-conductor nanotechnology.

Sitronics Microelectronic Solutions is implementing a technology on microelectronics production with 0.18 micron feature size. More than 100 specialists have been reeducated in the most modern world plants. Sitronics actively carries out scientific and research, development and constructive works, particularly within the National Technology Base Federal Target Program.

“Microelectronic technology is constantly developing, - Gennadi Krasnikov, Sitronics Microelectronic Solutions Director says. But that is for the beginning only. To become a real competitor in the market Russia is to design the most advanced and original developments. That is why we create an enterprise, which is to study and develop nanotechnology in microelectronics”.

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