Armada hands over 10,000 free school software distributives through internet

March 14, 2008, Fri 12:42 AM    Integration

The Armada Company implementing the project on developing free school software has prepared five versions of the Linux-based OS. The distributives Light Linux, Linux Junior, Linux Master, Linux Terminal and NauLinux are to be installed on computers with various configuration from light-duty computers (with 32 Mb RAM) to high-end workstation.

According to statistics of, Linux Master and Linux Junior are in greater demand. 43% and 20% of traffic fall on these distributives, relatively. Linux Junior does not require the latest generation processors and large RAM. Besides office and training programs the package includes program development tools, such as Lazarus and KDevelop.

Linux Master is a powerful distributive for computers with more than 1 GB RAM. Due to the Eclipse development tool it can be used to develop full-fledge Java, C/C++ and PHP programs. Besides Eclipse, Linux Master contains the same programs as Linux Junior.

According to the government contract we should provide no less than 50% of urban and 20% of rural schools with free software up to the end of 2008 in three Russian regions: the republic of Tatarstan, Perm and Tomsk Regions, - says Igor Gorbatov, deputy director general of Armada. However, we are interested in wider distribution of the mentioned programs and we are also ready to share our developments with all wishing. All free school software versions are posted on Following the results of two months work the Linux-based school OS has been downloaded by more than 10,000 people.

The Linux-based software will be launched at schools in three pilot regions in September 1st 2008.

It should be noted that the tender for the Linux-base software package for Russian schools was held in November 2007. The Armada Company won the tender having united into a temporary alliance such leading software developers as ALT Linux, Linux Ink, Linux-Online, the Russian Research Institute for nonindustrial automation management, Ramec, and the National Center for IT. The contracts price is 59.5 mln rubles ($2.502 mln).

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