Ponosov refused to make peace with Microsoft

March 12, 2007, Mon 6:33 PM  Security  Business

The third hearing against a Sepych school principal, Alexander Ponosov took place. The prosecution couldnt provide any convincing evidence of Mr. Ponosovs guilt, who was accused of using illegal Microsoft software. Mr. Ponosov said there would be no peace agreement with Microsoft.

The third hearing of the criminal case against Alexander Ponosov took place in the Vereshchagino court of the Perm region. The man was accused of equipping school computers with counterfeit software.

Meanwhile CNews conducted its own investigation and found out that the computers were produced by the Perm Instar Technology company. The company produces PCs and installs software; it has the Premier Trade partner status. The companys Director Irina Kozhevnikova gave testimony at the third hearing. Moreover, Ponosovs lawyers, under more Anatoly Kucherena interrogated experts, who examined the equipment and stated counterfeit software was installed on them. Judge Vera Barakina considering the case said there was not enough evidence of Mr. Ponosovs guilt and the court needed more time to conduct additional expertise and interrogate new witnesses.

The previous two hearings didnt bring any results and the third hearing was planned for February 12th. The technical expertise showed that the software was installed in April, 2006, while the computers were delivered to the school in August, 2005. The principal denies accusations, saying he did not install illegal software. So, a question rises: who installed the counterfeit software on school computers?

Alexander Ponosov insists to continue the procedure
Alexander Ponosov: There would be no peace agreement

Mr. Ponosov refused to make the peace agreement suggested earlier by Microsoft and insisted to continue the court process. The announcement came from Alexander Troyanov, Prosecutor of Perm regions Vereshchagino district. According to him one of the conditions for a peace treaty was the principals apologies to Microsoft for copyright infringement. If Mr. Ponosov offered his apologies the company would refuse from filing complaints and would ask the court to stop the case in view of reconciliation, said Mr. Troyanov.

The Prosecutors Office of the Vereshagino district (Perm region) has initiated a criminal case of copyright infringement against a school principal, Alexander Ponosov. The man is accused of illegal use of Microsoft products which resulted in a 260 thousand rubles ($9,8 thousand) damage for the company. The Article 146 of the Russian Criminal Code provides five years' imprisonment for piracy.

Mr. Ponosov denies accusations, saying that the computer equipment was delivered on demand of the Perm regions Capital Construction Administration.