Experiment: first schools install Linux

July 05, 2007, Tue 11:10 AM  

An experiment is underway in a number of St. Petersburg schools to install Linux OS in computer rooms with by September 1st. However, it is not clear so far who will be funding the program. A number of computers with Linux OS already appeared in Alexander Ponosovs school.

The St Petersburg Education Committee which has been holding special seminars for teachers, received rather interesting information. The committees Senior Specialist Igor Bazlov said a number of St Petersburg Schools became interested in open source software, Linux in particular. He said the committee considered the requests of education facilities. An experiment will be launched in those schools to introduce Linux software. If the results are positive, the committee will suggest installing Linux in all schools, Igor Bazlov added.

St Petersburg school 369 Principle Konstantin Tkhostov believes there might be certain problems in cooperation between education facilities and the citys administration committees if Linux is introduced. School is a legal entity which works in the system of government order in cooperation with administration committees. It might be difficult introducing Linux in these terms. Nevertheless, he is sure Linux would be the best present for pupils for September 1st.

Linux Inc Director General Leonid Soms said there might be a number of problems with introducing open source software at schools. In the first place there might be difficulties with teachers who are reluctant to shift to new education programs, he noted. He believes another problem is the low compatibility of Linux and Windows.

Meanwhile, it is not clear so far who will be funding the program to install open software at schools. Some pin hopes with federal financing, the city committee doesnt have the sum envisaged in its budget.

CNews reported earlier, similar experiments were to be underway at Alexander Ponosovs school. He is going to install both Linux and Windows in the schools computer rooms by September 1st. Linux has been installed on five computers in Sepych. Schools should teach people not to use a certain OS, but teach them think. And in that case there would have no problem with using any OS, Alexander Ponosov believes.

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