Live Journal creator leaves for Google

September 07, 2007, Tue 12:40 AM  Internet  Business  

Brad Fitzpatrick, the creator of, perhaps, one of the most popular in the world blog-platform Live Journal leaves the Six Apart Company, the Live Journal owner. The programmer devoted 9 years of his life to the mentioned project. Brad Fitzpatrick new place of work is the internet giant Google.

Brad Fitzpatrick, the Live Journal owner decided to leave Six Apart and stop improving the service, he devoted 9 years of his life to. In his blog Mr. Fitzpatrick stated, his resignation was not connected with the company and its politics, and he was simply tired of being one of the company’s subdivision consultants, not having an opportunity to get engaged into some interesting projects. According to other sources, Mr. Fitzpatrick resigns because of the company’s numerous problems, as well as the absolute indifference of the Management to Live Journal, Valleywag reports.

Mr. Fitzpatrick resignation has not been officially confirmed yet. According to the source, close to Mr. Fitzpatrick, the Company has made no official announcement, as it is not known for sure when the Live Journal Creator is going to leave Six Apart.

According to the same source, Brad Fitzpatrick has got several proposals simultaneously from such large companies as Google, Facebook and MySpace, owned by News Corp. Mr. Fitzpatrick has not confirmed his leave for Google yet. However, according to Anton Nosik, Blog service Manager of the Sup Company, engaged in developing the Russian version of Live Journal, who knows the Live Journal creator in person, the search engine giant and Mr. Fitzpatrick have already agreed upon the employment of the latter.

Brad Fitzpatrick leaves Live Journal for Google
Brad Fitzpatrick leaves Live Journal for Google

“We are not to speak of suppositions. He has accepted the Google proposal, - Mr. Nosik told CNews. – I hope they will find a new project for him connected with social networks, coequal with his talent. However, we will learn about it only after the project being launched. Unlike Live Journal, Google is very serious about confidentiality”.

It s should be noted, as present the situation in Six Apart is rather complicated. The company has been divided into two departments. One is engaged in selling blogs and different software to large companies, while the other supervises Live Journal and Vox social networks. According to Western analysts, the mentioned departments are difficult to get along within one company, while the management presented by the Barak Berkowitz, the Acting Director, Mena Trott, President and Founder, and Andrew Anker, Head of Business Department, simply do not cope with their duties and are not able to withdraw Six Apart out of a prolonged crises.

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