Microsoft to invest $500 mln. in Russian DPC

December 26, 2007, Mon 11:48 AM  Business  Integration

Microsoft is going to establish a unique Data Processing Center (DPC) in Russia, which will include tens of thousands of servers and mainly focus on outsourcing. The data center is to be located in Irkutsk Region. About $500 mln. will be invested intro the project. Microsoft considers the possibility to establish DPC in other Russian regions.

The Corporation Microsoft intends to establish a data center in Irkutsk region, Birger Steen, Microsoft CEO in Russian and CIS, informed at the ceremony of signing an intent agreement in IT development between the Irkutsk region administration and Microsoft. Birger Steen says there has never been a data center of such a scale in Russia. The cost of the project is about $500 mln., the News&Information Agency Siberian News reports.

DPC is the provider's technical site connected to HS communication channels and with telecommunications cabinets (racks) to house servers. The site is equipped with firefighting, climate, and security systems. It is to store and process the information from various sources including corporations and public institutions.

Microsoft data center is planned to be located somewhere between Irkutsk and Angarsk. The center will be an integrated construction with tens of thousands of servers with the power consumption of 50 MW. It will be mainly focused on outsourcing. According to Yevgeny Danilov, Microsoft Rus Director of Information Policy, it is too early to speak about the project timing. The negotiations regarding the data center establishment are of preliminary character, so the parties are interested in continuing the negotiations.

Birger Steen: there is no such a large-scale data center in Russia as Microsoft plans to build in Irkutsk Region
There is no such a large-scale data center in Russia as Microsoft plans to build in Irkutsk Region

According to Andrei Gubov, Deputy Head of the Governor's Administration of Irkutsk Region, the data processing center establishment together with implementing the projects on nanotechnology, draft model project of the state certifying center on electronic signature and subsystem of the state information center founded together with the Federal Agency on Information technologies, should become the basis for the scientific and introduction innovation zone in Irkutsk region within agglomeration.

Yevgeny Danilov tells CNews Microsoft is currently considering various models of establishing data centers in Russia. The choice of the region depends on many factors, one of the main of which is the developed energy and communication infrastructure, as well as the territorial proximity to the potential customers of the data center.

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