Odnoklassniki jammed abroad

December 06, 2007, Thu 4:37 PM  Internet  Security

Foreign users are constantly experiencing problems with the access to one of the most popular Runet sites Odnoklassniki. Currently the social network is disabled for the citizens of at least three countries, i.e. Canada, UAE and China. According to the project management, each country has various problems with the access. Somewhere Odnoklassniki does not correspond to moral and ethical fabric, in other places the Russian sites are blocked as their DNS servers are suspected in spam sending.

Some China citizens are not able to open the site Odnoklassniki, as the access might be blocked by several providers. Such information has been published in some Russian forums. The portal founder and head Albert Popkov confirms the given information to CNews saying at least several users are experiencing problems. The problem is being investigated now, he says. Meanwhile, it is not clear, whether the reason is technological or relates to other factors.

Foreign users constitute a significant share of the project ‘Odnoklassniki’ audience. According to Mr. Popkov, about 20% of the traffic comes from abroad. At present it is known that in addition to China there is no access to the site in UAE. However, in the latter case it is related to moral and ethical fabric. ‘Some of other users do not correspond to the moral fabrics and rules existing in the country’, - Albert Popkov tells. He says, Odnoklassniki conform to the laws of the countries, where the site operates, that is why there no further investigation has been held in the mentioned country. Thus, the real scale of the problem is not known.

In Canada there are problems of technical character. One of the largest local providers – Rogers – blocks the access to the resources using the DNS-service nic.ru because they were earlier recorded in sending spam. Nic.ru confirmed to receive a request from Rogers, but said they did not agree upon anything, so currently the problem still exists, Mr. Popkov says.

Odnoklassniki is unavailable for many foreign citizens
Odnoklassniki is unavailable for many foreign citizens

Andrei Vorobiev, Ru-Center PR manager tells CNews there have be no incidents related to spam sending as the company is not engaged in it. ‘Problems occur very often as spam-lists might be arranged by everyone and it is rather difficult to prove that the project has no relation to spam’, - Mr. Vorobiev says. He believes, the problem of spam-lists, adding or removing addresses from the list should be solved at the international level to centralize dealing with such problems.