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January 21, 2008, Mon 12:23 AM  Internet  Business

MySpace - the most popular social network worldwide - has opened its Russian-language portal. Meanwhile, the resource is available only in test mode: the administration promises many Russian groups and artists to appear on the portal soon. In the near future the network official representation office will be opened in Russia. MySpace next destination point is likely to be Turkey, and then Korea.

Several days ago MySpace has launched its Russian-language portal without making too much noise. Meanwhile the test version of the site is available. The resource administration apologizes for several shortcomings and promises ‘many Russian groups and artists will appear on the site in the near future’. The main page of the site presents the information about the British virtual group Gorillaz. MySpace representative office will be opened in Russian in the near future.

Late in September 2007 MySpace became known to launch its site in Russian. Then the LinkedIn resource posted the vacancy for MySpace CMO in Russia. The local manager, according to MySpace management, is to improve the brand familiarity in Russia and expand the base of the Russian-language users. In mid-October 2007 MySpace representatives officially announced the site version would be launched in Russia.

The experts questioned by CNews earlier were rather skeptic regarding MySpace outlook in Russia. They believed the resource was in need of cooperation with established partners on the local market and quality localization. The specialists also highlighted MySpace should give new meaning to its services regarding Facebook expansion. According to Hitwise, from September 2006 to December 2007 MySpace traffic reduced by 8%. By 2007 end the given network occupied 72.32% of the social resources traffic. At the same time Facebook has grown by 51% and occupied 16.03% of the mentioned traffic. According to MySpace estimates, the company’s network occupies more than 200 mln. users worldwide, including 25 mln in Europe.

MySpace Russian-language beta-version has been already launched
MySpace Russian-language beta-version has been already launched

After being launched in Russia, MySpace localized sites are presented in 23 countries worldwide. The company has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Mexico, San Paolo, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Tokyo and Beijing. According to the Techcrunch edition, MySpace plans to further expand to Turkey. Since January 2008 the vacancy for the company’s head in Istanbul has been posted on LikedIn. Travis Katz, MySpace top-manager tells, Turkey is in the so called short-list of the company, but he refuses to announce the date for the local site to be launched. According to Mr. Katz, Turkey’s main attractive feature is that more than 30% of the population in the country is under the age of 18, while the youth is the main audience of the resource.

MySpace might also launch its resource in South Korea in the near future. According to Travis Katz, the Korean users have other mentality as compared to the U.S. and European ones. In this connection special attention is paid to studying Japanese experience, which is close to Korea.

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