Worlds first tablet PC with GLONASS appears in Russia

May 10, 2011, Tue 3:37 PM  

The Sky Link operator has introduced the first ever tablet PC with the GLONASS application. The device is expected to hit the market in the IV quarter of 2011. It will cost around $500.

On May 10th the Sky Link company introduced the worlds first tablet PC with GLONASS and GPS applications. The companys head of purchasing and supply department Sergey Gulyaev told CNews the inner components have been developed by the Chinese Mastone company. The computers will be manufactured in China.

Sky Link is going to sell the computers under its own brand. When the company first announced the PC production plan, it considered the US AnyData and Indian Olive Telecom as its potential manufacturers.

The Sky Link tablet PC works on Android 2.2 operating system has a 7-inch display, an 800-MHz processor, a 512-MB RAM, and a 3,2MP camera. The MDM6600 chipset from Qualcomm provides GLONASS support in the system. The claimed battery life in the web browsing mode is 5-7 hours.

The device also has a SIM-card slot and a card of any mobile operator may be used to make calls, Gulyaev said.

The computer introduced by Sky Link is an engineering sample. The company has not decided yet what navigation maps it will use. Apart from that, the final version will probably be equipped with a more powerful battery. The PC will be in 2 colors, black and maroon.

Worlds first tablet PC with GLONASS application from Sky Link
Worlds first tablet PC with GLONASS application from Sky Link

The device will hit the shelves in the IV quarter of 2011 and its retail price will be 14 thousand rubles ($500). Gulyaev believes the PCs will sell several thousand a month during the first few months.

Sky Link expect the device to be in great demand, for it supports two navigation systems and this is an enhanced positioning accuracy in urban environments. I believe over time all such devices will support not only GPS, but also GLONASS; its been a trend, says Gulyaev.

In March 2011 the first Smartphones with the GLONASS application appeared on the market. It sells under the MTS brand and is produced by the Chinese ZTE manufacturer. Just as in the Sky Link PC, the GLONASS application in the Smartphone is supported by the Qualcomm chip.

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