IBM and HP Occupy Russian HPC Market

September 20, 2011, Tue 4:39 PM  Integration

The number of HPC-systems, delivered by Russia`s largest supercomputer vendor - T-Platforms - has fallen down to a record low level in the local Top-50 rating. At the same time, IBM and HP have strengthened their positions and together now occupy over 70% of this list.

A new edition of the Russia and the CIS Top-50 most powerful HPC-systems rating was published on the 20th of September. No changes have occured in the Top-3 positions of the list. It is still topped by Lomonosov supercomputer installed in Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). Its peak performance has grown up from 510 Tflops to 1,3 Pflops since the previous edition of the rating released in March.

MSU now has four supercomputers, and CNews sources familiar with its HPC projects say the university is again considering an increase of the computing capacities. Amongst the variants is another Lomonosov supercomputer extension, they say. Head of MSU Science-Computing Center Alexander Tikhonravov, confirmed such extension to have been discussed but pointed the final decision had not been made yet.

The total peak performance of all systems on the list has grown to 3,275 Pflops. Lomonosov supercomputer extension, made traditionally by its supplier - T-Platforms, turned the major contributor to this growth. Apart from this supply, only one new T-Platforms installation appeared on the list - modernization of SKIF Cyberia supercomputer. It initially was built by T-Platforms in 2007 for Tomsk State University within a state HPC program.

Lomonosov extension has helped T-Platforms gain around 45% of the Russia and the CIS Top-50 supercomputers list in terms of peak performance of the systems. However, the number of HPC-systems has gone down from 9 to 5, which is the lowest ever figure throughout company`s presence on the list since 2004. The maximum number of systems T-Platforms has been presented on the list with is 20, and that refers to March 2008. Since that time this figure has shown a constant decline.

For the second time in a row, the leader of Russia`s Top-50 list in terms of the number of HPC-systems is IBM, presented by 20 supercomputers. It is followed by HP with 16 installations. Both vendors have increased the number of their supercomputers on the list by two and together they now occupy over 70% of the rating.

Unlike the major Russian vendor, their systems`share has demonstrated confident growth in recent years. Thus, for instance, IBM had only 10 supercomputers on the Russian list in March 2008, and HP even less - only 6.

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