Putin urges state companies to buy Russian software, be transparent

February 17, 2012, Fri 5:49 PM  Internet  Business  Integration

On his visit to Novosibirsk Vladimir Putin made a few statements on the future of the Russian IT in the state and public sectors. He believes priority in state orders should be given to Russian software and data bases of state companies should become more transparent.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has made a couple of statements on the prospects of information technologies in the country and in state companies, in particular. All this he said at a meeting in Novosibirsk on boosting the efficiency of public administration with the help of information technologies.

He suggests that one of the priorities of the countrys IT-policy should be the use of Russian software. Information on the use of Russian software products from infrastructure monopolies and state companies should become transparent, ITAR TASS quoted Putin as saying.

He stressed that in state purchases priority should be given to local software products and information technologies. We created preferences with regard to other products before the crisis. I believe we should help local producers in this difficult situation. But we should do it correctly. Putin asked the Ministry for Economic Development and the Ministry of Trade to consider amendments into relevant laws.

Residents of the Novosibirsk technopark raised the issue of using local software. They complained that state companies prefer foreign IT-suppliers.

This was Putins answer: We should understand how much money the countrys state corporations spend on buying local products.

Another of his statements in Novosibirsk was on data transparency. I believe the information in state data bases should be made as transparent as possible, ITAR TASS quoted him as saying. Putin hopes this will ensure better public control over officials at all levels.

Putin believes small and medium businesses lack transparency in long-term plans and investment priorities. He said the only exceptions could be classified documents and those for official use only.

He promised there would appear organizations dealing with IT penetration in Russian regions and state companies.

Considering the scope and the significance of the issue, there should be raised a question on appointing people in the regions who are competent and responsible and who would supervise IT penetration, ITAR TASS quoted him as saying. Putin stressed that IT penetration expenditures should turn significantly resource saving so that people can feel real and qualitative changes. He also said Russians should have the opportunity to make suggestions on how to make IT use in the state sector more convenient.

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